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My thoughts were really on a roll down memory lane of all the other women and every single one had their own personal struggles, be it health, financial, relationship but yet God has brought them to me at all different times in my life for a reason. While waiting at a stop light I kid you not I had this vision in neon writing” Less than Perfect Angel” the words were flashing I rubbed my eyes a few times and said aloud: “OK God what is going on- what do you want me to do with this show me” Then it stopped shortly after I got home ran into the house and immediately told my husband what had happened and asked me to quick get me paper and a pencil. I began very quickly to sketch an Angel with a flowing body and one wing shorter than the other and bit disheveled. I was done I looked at my husband and I said “there she is”. I expressed to him I’m not sure what I just did and what happened tonight but I believe I need to take some action and I will just pray for God’s guidance.

Not much more was said, the holidays came and went, then one day in March my husband came to visit me at work which he often does, he is a very generous man, he’ll bring me flowers or will bring pastries for my co-workers but this particular day when he called he asked me to come down to the car. I did think it was a bit unusual but I went along, I began walking through the parking lot and walking toward me was the lady, she looked better- still thin but was full of energy, we embraced and she was in hurry to go, beamingly I went in the car and immediately and practically shouted out to my husband that was the girl! Now next to him was a dozen roses (which remember this is not unusual coming from my husband), he handed me a card when I read the card it read”You are My Perfect Angel” I still didn’t get it, then he handed me a box I opened the box and my heart began to pound and my eyes were filled with tears of joy and disbelief… it was my angel that I drew!! My husband told me he went to a jeweler and described my drawing, told them how to design it and “The Less than Perfect Angel” was born! I looked at my husband with the most loving eyes I think I have ever given him. My husband loves me so much that ever since that night when I told him of my vision I realized he really heard me and took it upon himself to make this real. I’m totally convinced there are no coincidences’ the timing of seeing this lady precisely before the Angel was revealed to me, allows me to believe there is a reason and a purpose.

We are all angels in Gods eyes, but on earth we all Less than perfect- having something about us that makes us unique, we have family members, people we encounter on the street, co-workers, and strangers that may seem a little different, maybe the person looking in the mirror. Someone may have a physical condition, emotional condition, or a handicap that may test our faith; will test our love and tolerance of others, but they are there arriving into our lives for a reason, they are not just mere coincidences, keeping an open mind and heart will allow these miracles to appear and truly see why they are there in front of you.

A few years ago when my mother became very ill day to day life became very hard. Where I worked at the time was very fast paced, micro managed and needless to say very stressful. Some days I would stare at my computer and the tears would just roll off my face, everyone at work knew what I was going through and how serious my mother’s situation had become, there would be a few people that would share their empathy with me with some words of encouragement. One of the trainers took a particular interest and made it a point whenever she was on floor to come by me and share some comforting words or even a physical hug sometimes which always made me smile.

She is a beautiful woman- tall, thin very fashionable, I would see her periodically, but whenever she did appear it was at the right moment when I needed comfort the most. I shared with her how much I loved my mother and I would always remind her to cherish hers. One day I even had the pleasure of meeting her mother in the parking lot, she proudly introduced me to her you could tell they too had a special bond. This lady would leave little notes on my seat, if I was not at my desk she would always leave words of encouragement with just a note to say hi.

Time passed and I hadn’t seen her for a while, I asked around to see what became of her and rumor had it that she was on medical leave. I asked why and people were not sure but others were just speculating. Soon after I ran into her again and this time she looked a little different- frail, extremely thin and tired but she still had the twinkle in her eyes and a beautiful smile. It was funny but when we would embrace it was so comical- she would have to bend over since I’m much shorter but it didn’t matter she would always embrace me.

As usual one day she asked how my mom was and since we didn’t see each other often she didn’t know that my mother had passed away. Her whole face changed and she expressed her condolences while hugging me. Through the first two years of my grieving for my mother this woman would occasional email me words of encouragement or drop a note on my seat. Something about our brief encounters became very strong even though very little was ever spoken between us, but it was something about her I felt like I’ve know this woman a very long time. I felt her pain yet it was never discussed, on departing we would always wish each other well until the next time.

This past Christmas season she left me a beautiful little card, unfortunately I didn’t get to see her but I emailed her letting her know what an “Angel” she has been to me. She replied I feel the same of you! I laughed for a minute and thought how I have been anything but an Angel- we always just talk about me! I drove home that evening with thoughts of how many wonderful people I have encountered in my life that have inspired me in some shape or form and gave me hope to keep on going. I was thinking of my most recent encounter with her and said a prayer for her that whatever her ailment happens to be that she would get better. She is so selfless despite whatever is going on her own life that she has encouragement to offer for others.