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Nancy Abron

My parents along with my two siblings emigrated from Yugoslavia and two years later I was born in Chicago, I couldn’t speak English until the 2nd grade! So very early on I was different. Most of my childhood, approaching the teenage years my parents decided it was best to move to the suburbs. I graduated high school in three years shortly after that the rebel that I was, or so I thought! I decided to get married and start my own family. I married a Sicilian, learned to speak, cook, and live an Italian lifestyle; practically forgot my own culture, this lasted for a very long time and the marriage ended after twenty years. The best miracle that happened in those years was I blessed with a beautiful daughter who is today 29 years old!

All things happen for a reason, I’ve since met and married my wonderful husband who I still am in awe about and we reside happily in the suburbs of Chicago and are both working professionals. I’m currently finishing up my Bachelors in Science with a concentration in Criminal Justice. God willing I’ll graduate in February of 2011. The last nine years of my life has been a slow re-birth for me, I’m still teachable and continue to learn and grow. I try to follow a set of principles that guides me so I can take care of myself mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually. None of this would be possible without the trust, faith and connection to God.

I promise you I would not be here if it wasn’t for some kind of intervention taken place that has since helped me to live life in a way I never thought possible. Is every day full of bliss? Do I always behave in a manner that is expected since my awakening? Absolutely not, remember I’m “less than perfect”.